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Window Repair

Window Repair

Preserve your vehicle’s value and get its windows fixed through Saul’s Autotek’s window regulator and power window repair.

Serving the Centennial State Since 1989

Your car's windows play a vital role in keeping you and your passengers safe from all the harsh factors on the road.

They serve as your first line of protection from excessive heat, extreme cold, rain, and harmful UV rays. Window regulators and power windows, on the other hand, are devices responsible for moving the windows up and down. When they malfunction, the windows will be stuck in place.

Here at Saul’s Autotek, we offer quality window regulator and power window services. Our ASE-certified master technicians are trained in repairing, inspecting, and maintaining power windows and window regulators. We have extensive experience servicing vehicles from a wide range of brands—both foreign and domestic. You can rely on us to keep your windows working properly.

An automobile technician operating a car's power window switch

Signs Your Power Window or Window Regulator Needs Servicing

Here are some indications that your power window or window regulator may be failing:
A car mechanic checking on a car's power window switch

1. Unusual Sounds as the Windows Roll Up or Down

Noises that come from your power window or window regulator can be an indication of a failing motor. They can also be a sign that there’s dirt stuck inside the window and motor assembly.
A professional mechanic working on a car door frame's window

2. Windows that Fall Inside the Door

If your vehicle’s windows don’t stay in place and fall inside the door, it’s a clear sign that there’s an issue with your window regulator or power window. It can be due to problems with the glass mounting bracket or sliding bar.
An automobile expert applying car window tint

3. Windows that Open or Close Slower or Faster than Usual

When your window regulator’s or power window’s motor isn’t working as it should or suffering from a faulty wiring system, you may encounter windows that close or open slower or faster than usual.
A parked car with its door open facing a 2-story home

4. Windows that Don't Open or Close Fully

Problems with the sliding bar can cause your windows to have trouble opening or closing fully. So, if your vehicle’s windows get jammed up halfway up or down, seek professional help right away.
A man fixing the internal mechanisms of a car power window

5. Windows that Open and Close at an Angle

Crooked windows are another problem you might encounter when the sliding bar fails. So, if you notice your windows opening or closing at an angle, it’s a sign that your window regulator or power window needs repair.

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Importance of Auto Window Repair

Keeping your car’s windows functioning and in good condition is necessary. Here’s why:

Keeping your windows in good condition preserves your vehicle’s resale value and overall appeal.

Fun and comfortable road trips can be enjoyed when you have protection from the harsh factors found on the road.

Having windows that don’t function well can be dangerous. Investing in window repair and maintenance can prevent unwanted incidents like car theft.

Why Choose Saul's Autotek

Saul’s Autotek has been providing comprehensive auto repair, maintenance, and inspection since 1989. Here’s why we are the best auto repair shop to hire for window regulator and power window services:

Mechanics with ASE Certification

Free Uber and Lyft and Fast Response Time

Cutting-Edge Tools and Practices

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