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Today, we’re are going to talk a little bit about suspension in Denver, Colorado.

I’m Saul Reisman here at Saul’s Automotive, and today we’re going to talk a little bit more about suspension systems. In the state of Colorado, we see varying degrees of suspension designs in all makes and models of cars, whether it be lifted jeeps and trucks that want to go higher, faster and stronger to Denver lowered sedans and sport coupes that want to be as low to the ground and as highway-capable as possible. Here at Saul’s Automotive, we can service all of them for whatever your desire may be, whether it’s keeping the factory suspension performing the way it did brand new off the showroom floor or if you desire something a little bit better or a little above and beyond.

In the case of today’s vehicle, we have a 2003 Honda Civic SI two-door coupe. The owner of the vehicle came to us with some very specific requests about how they wanted the suspension to operate. As a result, we custom-built several pieces and parts of the suspension and worked with many independent manufacturers so that we could get the best product possible to put this vehi-vehicle together and keep our owner happy. Let’s take a quick look. In the rear of the vehicle, we have an independent corner for either side of the suspension. To ensure that we got the proper ride height, custom adjustable coil overs were installed on the vehicle.

As you can see, the threaded portion and the double-lock ring, these are completely adjustable so that the spring can be moved up and down to affect the ride height of the vehicle without affecting the actual shock dampering of the vehicle, so the owner can choose the ride height he wishes. Maybe in the Summer he wants to be lower, and in the wintertime set it a little higher for more ground clearance. Because moving the suspension around can affect the geometry of it — in this case, instead of the suspension arms being perfectly parallel with the vehicle lower to the arms would be angled upwards, providing not-so-happy angles for some of the control arms — we’ve gone ahead and installed some aftermarket control arms that were designed at a shorter length and with an adjustable mount so that we can match the angle.

And as you can see, this is just about parallel to the ground, which is at an ideal position for it. Additionally, since lowering the vehicle will put added stress onto the suspension, we’ve gone ahead and installed this Beaks cross brace across the rear of the vehicle. This gives a tremendous, more rigid, stable surface for these arms to mount to rather than just the body of the vehicle. This will allow the vehicle to physically perform quicker and more responsibly in corners and should be able to give it a little bit more of a racecar-type handling to it. Take a look up front. In the front end of the vehicle, to the same extent, we’ve installed adjustable coil overs so that the owner can physically choose the ride height they really wish this vehicle to sit at.

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