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Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Avoid inconvenient roadside breakdowns with our water pump repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Serving the Centennial State Since 1989

Your vehicle's water pump is vital to the engine's operation.

It pumps the coolant from the radiator into the engine and back into the radiator. Without it, the coolant won’t be circulated properly, and the engine will overheat. This can result in serious engine damage and affect the performance of your vehicle.

Since it plays an important role, you need to keep your water pump in good condition. Similar to other components, they have a lifespan and obtain wear and tear over time. It’s best that you partner with highly trained and well-experienced mechanics for water pump repair, maintenance, and replacement.

At Saul’s Autotek, we have ASE-certified mechanics who service water pumps. With over three decades in the industry, our team has encountered, diagnosed, and resolved a wide range of problems involving water pumps. We guarantee that we can provide you with a prompt and reliable solution to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Signs Your Water Pump Needs an Inspection

A worn water pump can cause major damage to your engine components in the long run. It’s best to have it checked by professional mechanics right away. Here are some signs of a failed water pump:
Smoking cooling system and an overheating engine

1. Overheating

The main function of a water pump is to ensure the proper circulation of the coolant and keep your engine from overheating. If the water can’t do its function, the engine’s sure to overheat. This problem can lead to burnt pistons, damaged head gaskets, and cracked cylinder heads.
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2. Unusual Noises

A howling or whirring sound coming from the front of your vehicle is a sign that there’s something wrong with the water pump. It can be due to a weakened pulley that emits a sound when pulled by the water pump. It can also be due to bearing problems inside the water pump.

3. Coolant Leak

Water pumps are equipped with several gaskets that may obtain wear and tear over time. When these gaskets start to wear out, they may cause the coolant to leak out and drip under your vehicle. Look out for puddles of liquid, usually red or green in color, under your vehicle’s center front.
Corrosion and sinkholes on an old water pump

4. Corrosion

Leaks can cause rust to build up on your water pump. As rust accumulates, your water pump becomes less efficient. In other cases, rust can also be a result of aging, using a non-compatible coolant, or having a defective pressure cap that allows air into the system.

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Why Invest in Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Clean and functional cabin air filters are essential in maintaining fresh and healthy air inside your vehicle. Neglecting to replace filters can negatively affect your vehicle and lead to serious consequences. Here’s why it’s vital to have your cabin air filters replaced:

If your filter is clogged, your engine needs to work harder to power your vehicle’s heating and cooling systems. Clean cabin air filters put less strain on your engine, resulting in less wear and tear and better fuel efficiency.

Clean cabin air filters can help your modern vehicles accelerate faster. When clean air enters your vehicle’s engine, it encourages improved efficiency, which creates mоrе horsepower аnd torque.

Regularly replacing your cabin air filters significantly reduces the pollutants that you inhale. They act as a barrier between the outdoor air and the inside of your vehicle, and they can prevent most of the smog, smoke, and ash from entering.

Why Choose Saul's Autotek

Having been in the automotive service industry since 1989, Saul’s Autotek has built a successful track record of servicing water pumps. Here’s why we’re trusted by numerous owners for all their water pump repair and maintenance needs:

250+ Years of Combined Experience in the Industry

State-of-the-Art Practices and Tools

Mechanics with ASE Certification

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