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Fuel Pump Repair

Fuel Pump Repair

Let our master mechanics keep your vehicle in top condition through our quality fuel pump repair.

Serving the Centennial State Since 1989

Your vehicle's fuel pump is the component responsible for bringing pressurized fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor, so it can be mixed with air before it enters the combustion chamber.

It’s a component that plays a vital role in ensuring that complete combustion takes place.

Since it plays such an important purpose, it’s crucial that you keep your fuel pump working as it should. It’s essentially one of the components that keep your engine running. So, when it gets damaged, your vehicle won’t be able to start. Saul’s Autotek is here to help!

We’re a team of ASE-certified mechanics who provide a broad array of automotive services, including fuel pump inspection, repair, and maintenance. As a forward-looking business, we invest in cutting-edge tools and practices to provide our clients with the best fuel pump services, including fuel injector services.

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Signs Your Fuel Pump Requires Servicing

Watching out for noticeable signs that your fuel pump is going bad is essential to prevent further damage and maintain your vehicle’s optimum performance. Here are some common indications that your fuel pump needs checking:
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1. The engine struggles to start.

One of the most common signs of a faulty fuel pump is an engine that struggles or takes time to start. This happens mainly because the pump fails to deliver enough fuel to the engine.
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2. The engine sputters.

If the engine doesn’t receive adequate fuel from the pump, it won’t be able to produce power and run normally. It will then sputter or cause rough idling, and your vehicle will struggle to run.
An middle-aged man trying to repair his overheating car engine

3. The engine overheats.

A malfunctioning fuel pump can cause your engine to overheat. If the fuel pump isn’t delivering enough fuel, the motor can overheat and the heat can be transferred to your engine.
An auto mechanic explains the car's engine problem to a customer.

4. The engine emits whining noises.

Typically, fuel pumps produce a normal hum while the engine is in motion. However, when your engine starts to make loud whining or whirring noises, it may be due to an empty, damaged, or contaminated fuel tank.

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Why Choose Saul's Autotek

Saul’s Autotek is the best shop for all your fuel pump repair, replacement, and maintenance needs. Our expertise in vehicles of all makes and models assures you that we can provide you with. Here’s why we’re one of the best in the area:

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