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Head Gasket Repair

Head Gasket Repair

Keep your head gasket working properly with reliable services from our skilled mechanics!

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The head gasket has two main functions.

The first one is to seal the engine’s combustion chamber, so your vehicle can build the compression needed to maintain the engine power. It’s also responsible for keeping the oil and coolant from leaking, which helps prevent the engine from catching fire or overheating.

When your vehicle’s head gasket malfunctions or gets damaged, your engine will have to work harder than usual. Your vehicle will also lose coolant, which can cause the engine cooling system to under perform. This often results in serious overheating situations.

If you need head gasket repair, maintenance, and replacement, Saul’s Autotek is the one to call. We have ASE-certified mechanics who service vehicles from a wide range of brands, both domestic and foreign. With over 31 years in the industry, we assure you that we can help you keep your head gasket working properly.

Signs You Have a Failed Head Gasket

A failed head gasket can cause all manner of problems, including the following:
Vehicle fluid leaking on the car engine due to blown gasket

1. External Leaks

If your head gasket has blown outside the engine and between the water and oil passage, you’ll encounter an oil or coolant leak. This might be a simple issue, but it can lead to dire consequences when left unaddressed.

When the coolant level drops too far, it’ll lead to severe engine problems. Leaking oil, on the other hand, can cause acrid smoke or fire when it reaches the hot exhaust. So, don’t ignore external leaks and call for professional services.

Woman inspecting an overheating car engine

2. Overheating

When it reaches the cylinder and gets burned off as steam, a coolant leak caused by a failed head gasket can cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat. Driving while your engine overheats can cause catalytic converter damage and cylinder head warping.
White smoke coming out of a car's exhaust pipes

3. White or Blue Smoke

When antifreeze leaks past the head gasket and into the cylinder, it turns into steam as part of the combustion process. This leads to white smoke coming from your exhaust. A leak from an oil passage to the cylinder can cause blueish smoke, on the other hand.
Businessman having trouble starting his car

4. Power Loss

A failed head gasket can cause compressed fuel or air to escape. This causes a reduction in compression in the cylinder. The end result is a significant loss in engine power.

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More on Exhaust Repair

Signs Your Exhaust Needs Servicing

Here are some signs your vehicle’s exhaust system requires professional repair and maintenance services:
If your muffler sounds louder than usual, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with it. Excessive noise when you start your vehicle or when you accelerate, on the other hand, can be an indication of manifold gasket issues.

Most of the time, foul odors signal trouble. For instance, a failing catalytic converter produces a smell similar to that of rotten eggs. If you notice a burning smell, you might be dealing with malfunctioning head gaskets.

You and your passengers should never smell fuel inside your vehicle. If you do, there’s a problem with your exhaust system’s tubes or pipes. These components might be leaking gas inside your vehicle. This is dangerous to your health.

Exhaust system issues can affect the performance of the engine. If you encounter acceleration or engine power loss, there might be a leak in your exhaust system. It’s best to have the issue inspected and resolved before it leads to further damage.
Increased gas consumption is often a result of power and acceleration issues. When there’s power loss, your engine works harder to achieve a certain speed. In order to maintain that speed, it uses more gas than usual.

Why Choose Saul's Autotek

When it comes to head gasket repair, maintenance, replacement, and inspection, Saul’s Autotek has been trusted by numerous car owners since 1989. Here’s why we’re the best shop to hire:

Full-Service Auto Solutions for a Wide Range of Vehicle Brands

Well-Experienced Mechanics with ASE Certification

OEM Parts and State-of-the-Art Tools, Devices, and Practices

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