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Full Vehicle Inspections

Full Vehicle Inspection

Keep your car in excellent condition with a complete vehicle checkup by our expert technicians.

Serving the Centennial State Since 1989

A thorough car inspection allows you to discover possible car issues even before they happen.

Early detection will prevent costly repairs and even emergencies down the road. Moreover, catching potentially dangerous defects early on ensures your car’s safety and reliability.

At Saul’s Autotek, we go beyond the typical car check and perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle. From your suspension, brakes, engine, and more, we will check every part of your vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy.

A vehicle inspection checklist with some auto repair tools

Our Complete Vehicle Inspection

When we say “complete,” we mean it! Our 360-degree inspection ensures all of your vehicle’s systems and components are in proper working condition. We perform a careful visual and physical checkup of your car’s:
A car mechanic checking a tire's air pressure


Our technicians will inspect your tire condition, air pressure, and tread depth. We’ll also check for possible cracking and flat spots due to extended parking.
A 1960s vintage RV camper van engine


We’ll check your belts to preserve your engine and advise you if they need replacements.
A mechanic checking and adjusting the headlights of a car


In checking your headlights, our technicians will test their alignment, fuses, brightness, and other important factors.
A brake fluid container and filler cap in an engine compartment

Fluid Levels

Knowing no leaks have developed since your last drive under the hood is crucial to a safe drive. Technicians will check your coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, and more.
A mechanic working on braking system repairs on the lifting platform


Our full vehicle inspection involves examining your braking system and watching for problems like grinding, squeaking, and shaking.
A mechanic fixing a hose clamp using a plier

Vehicle Hoses

We also perform a thorough inspection on your vehicle hoses. We’ll look for signs of wear and tear that can put you in danger.
A mechanic holding new taillights at a vehicle service station

Brake Lights

Burned out lights and fuses pose a serious threat to your safety. These are some of the problems we look for when inspecting your brake lights.
A technician installing a new windscreen wiper

Windshield Wipers

Ensure clear visibility and safety while driving with a complete check of your windshield wipers’ blades, fluids, and arms.
A technician working on spark plug and ignition coil replacement

Engine Components

Mechanics will inspect your car’s gaskets and seals, spark plugs, ignition timing, and other engine components to make your engine run smoothly.
A mechanic checking the voltage level in a car battery using a voltmeter


Cars that have been sitting idle may experience a loss in battery voltage. A complete inspection will help maximize your battery’s life, and prevent stoppages and other problems.
A mechanic inserting a light bulb to a car's tail lamp

Turn Signals

Turn signal systems can be tricky to diagnose. Saul’s Autotek’s technicians have years of experience that enables them to troubleshoot issues in a full inspection.
A mechanic examining a car's suspension

Other Car Components

Your manufacturer may recommend inspections thаt tаkе аn еvеn deeper lооk into your car’s components, such as the exhaust, steering, and suspension.

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Why Full Vehicle Inspection is Necessary

Regular vehicle inspections are one of the best ways to ensure your car’s safety and longevity. Specifically, they help:

Thorough vehicle inspection reveals issues, such as worn brakes or low fluid levels, that may compromise your safety on the road. Early detection will help prevent unexpected breakdowns or accidents while driving.
Regular maintenance prolongs your car’s safety, dependability, fuel efficiency, and longevity. Moreover, your car will retain its value better with preventive vehicle maintenance.
Regular vehicle inspection and checkups can also save you time and money in the long run. Rather than having to take multiple trips for repairs, you can address all issues in one visit by ensuring that your vehicle is regularly checked.

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