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Battery testing and replacement for automobiles at Autotek.

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Are You Looking to Replace Your Car Battery?

Batteries are the most unpredictable part in any automotive vehicle.  Susceptible to sudden temperature changes, prone to leaking, and always has the possibility of dying for no apparent reason.  They used to be rather inexpensive, but in the past few years the prices on batteries have climbed making it even worse when they decide to fail.

A typical battery failure will still allow the lights in the vehicle to come on and also for the radio to work and sometimes even the windows.  It takes a lot of current to actually rotate then engine and start the vehicle, so it is quite possible for everything to work and yet still have a bad battery that will not start the car.  When this happens, the starter will make rapid clicking noises and the vehicle will not want to start.

Having to get a vehicle jump started is never a fun experience, so we recommend getting your battery tested at every oil change. It is better to replace the battery before it leaves you stranded looking for help.

Batteries can sometimes need more maintenance than just replacement. It is not uncommon to have a battery leak a small amount of acid around the vents and cause corrosion to develop on the terminals.  When this happens, the alternator will have to work extra hard to recharge the battery as you drive, causing extra stress on the entire system.  This corrosion can also cause resistance between the battery and the starter making it harder for the battery to start the car.  For these reasons, it is important to keep the battery clean and free of corrosion. 

When we service a battery for this corrosion we take the terminals off of the battery and clean the corrosion between the battery post and the terminal.  We then install BG battery pads that are infused with a “grease” that help prevent more corrosion from developing.  After putting these pads on, we reinstall the terminals and seal the battery.

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