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Cooling System

Cooling System

Keep your vehicle’s engine running at peak performance with reliable cooling system repair and maintenance!

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A vehicle's cooling system is an essential component that regulates the engine's temperature and prevents it from overheating.

Its primary function is to deplete the heat generated by the engine during operation and maintain the temperature within a safe operating range.

When your vehicle’s cooling system fails, the engine may obtain significant damage, which can lead to major problems and costly repairs. Neglecting regular cooling system repair and maintenance can also cause your engine to overheat and damage other components.

Saul’s Autotek is the one to call for all your cooling system repair and maintenance needs! We have a team of ASE-certified mechanics who have over 250 years of combined experience in the industry. Our team can diagnose and resolve any issues that involve cooling systems.

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Factors Causing Your Cooling System to Malfunction

Over time, cooling systems obtain wear and tear. When they do, they become less efficient and fail to perform their functions. Here are some factors that can cause damage to your cooling system:
An old and rusty air-conditioning thermostat of a car

1. Defective Thermostat

A defective thermostat may get stuck in a close position, restrict the coolant flow through the engine, and cause the engine to overheat. It may also get stuck in an open position, which can cause the engine to run too cool and reduce fuel efficiency.
An old and dirty forklift radiator cooling fan

2. Faulty Radiator Fan

When the radiator fan malfunctions, it can reduce the amount of airflow in the radiator. When this happens, an excessive amount of hot air will be produced, causing the engine to overheat.
A dirty and worn-out car engine that has accumulated dust and stains

3. Worn Out Engine Components

Due to everyday use, various components of the cooling system eventually wear out and become less effective. If one component starts malfunctioning, the cooling system may get damaged and the engine may overheat.
A mechanic removing and replacing a car's worn water pump

4. Damaged Water Pump

Since the water pump circulates the coolant through the engine and back to the radiator, there won’t be enough coolant flow when it gets damaged. This can cause the engine to overheat and negatively impact the cooling system.

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Signs Your Vehicle's Cooling System Needs Servicing

Regular cooling system maintenance and prompt repairs can help prevent issues and ensure that the cooling system and engine operate efficiently. Here are some signs your cooling system requires servicing:
The most common and apparent sign of a defective cooling system is frequent engine overheating. This is because the temperature is not being regulated properly while the engine is running.
Another sign of coolant system damage is a puddle of green, pink, or yellow fluid under your vehicle. Don’t delay calling for repair service, as low coolant levels can cause serious problems.
If you see steam coming from your vehicle’s hood, it can be a sign that your engine is getting too hot and the engine is overheating. This may also indicate that your engine’s cooling system is failing.

Why Choose Saul's Autotek

Saul’s Autotek has been in the automotive industry for over three decades. We have extensive experience repairing and maintaining cooling systems. Here’s what sets us apart:

ASE-Certified Master Mechanics

Over 250 Years of Combined Experience

State-of-the-Art Practices and Tools

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Keep your vehicle from frequent overheating through regular cooling system repair and maintenance from Saul's Autotek.

If you require cooling system repair, inspection, and maintenance, feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be more than happy to schedule your next auto repair appointment.

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