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Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter essentially removes harmful byproducts from exhaust gases and incinerates them.

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Cabin air filters are a crucial yet often overlooked vehicle component.

Its function is to break down hazardous molecules in the gases generated by vehicles prior to their release into the atmosphere. Although its primary purpose is to decrease harmful emissions, it also enhances your vehicle’s efficiency.

While you can still drive with a faulty catalytic converter, it can put your, your passenger’s, and your engine’s health at risk. Ignoring catalytic converter issues can also result in sluggish engine performance and, eventually, an engine shutdown. It’s for these reasons that it’s best to hire professional mechanics to resolve the problem.

At Saul’s Autotek, we have the required equipment and training to diagnose and resolve catalytic converter issues. We have a team of ASE-certified mechanics who have extensive experience working on vehicles from an array of brands—domestic and foreign. For all your auto service needs, we’re the ones to call!

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Different Ways Catalytic Converters Fail

Thеrе’s really nо “inspection port” fоr drivers оr mechanics tо ѕее аn асtuаl clog in a converter. Thе оnlу wау tо tеll if a catalytic converter iѕ malfunctioning or clogged iѕ tо remove it аnd observe сhаngеs in engine performance. Sоmе mechanics temporarily remove thе O2 sensor frоm thе exhaust pipe ahead оf thе catalytic converter аnd lооk fоr a сhаngе in performance.
Catalytic converters rely оn receiving thе proper mix оf exhaust gasses аt thе proper temperature. Anу additives оr malfunctions thаt саuѕе thе mixture оr thе temperature оf thе exhaust gases tо сhаngе reduce thе effectiveness аnd life оf thе catalytic converter. Leaded gasoline аnd over-use оf сеrtаin fuel additives саn shorten thе life оf a catalytic converter.

Indicators of a Failing Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters usually last for a decade or more. However, they’re susceptible to wear and tear, just as other things are. Here are some signs that your vehicle has a failing catalytic converter:
Mechanic using a jumper cable to start a stalling car engine

1. Failure to Start

When the catalytic converter gets excessively clogged, no exhaust can exit your vehicle. The end result is you’ll notice that your engine won’t turn over when you attempt to start your vehicle.
Dashboard reading the car's fuel consumption

2. Poor Fuel Efficiency

A clogged catalytic converter prevents engine emissions from being cleared quickly. With the emissions not being cleared as quickly as expected, the engine will be forced to burn more fuel to function normally.
Businessman searching for an auto repair service while driving

3. Rattling Noise

If your catalytic converter is damaged, its fragile ceramic honeycomb structure may crack and break, causing it to emit noticeable rattling sounds while idling or when accelerating from a stationary position.

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Benefits of Calling for Professional Catalytic Converter Services

Keeping up with your catalytic converter’s repair and maintenance is essential to preserve your car’s value and good condition. Aside from that, here are some of calling for professional services:
Catalytic converters convert harmful gases into less hazardous compounds like carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, and water vapor. A well-functioning catalytic converter can help avoid the release of toxic substances from your vehicle into the environment.
Clearing the engine emissions is the job of catalytic converters. When in good condition, they easily allow exhaust gases to flow. This, in turn, helps your vehicle function at its standard acceleration rate and run at optimum performance.
Having your catalytic converter checked and repaired is important since a clogged converter can cause your engine to overheat and experience a misfire. A catalytic converter that remains in a good state can help maintain your vehicle’s condition.

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Saul’s Autotek has been in the auto repair industry for over three decades now. We’ve helped numerous vehicle owners resolve catalytic converter problems. Here’s why we’re the best team to hire:

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