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We partner with Auto Part Dealerships across the USA and around the world so we can get that special part we need to repair your care. 24 hours a day, SEVEN days a week.


No other Dever Auto Repair Shop works this hard to get the auto repair parts we need to repair your foreign or domestic are or truck.

BMW Parts Directly From Berlin

BMW Parts Directly From Berlin

A lot of the time, auto repair shops in Denver and Greenwood Village Colorado are only open five days a week, not because they don’t want to help you on the weekends, but because they don’t have access to parts the other times to keep access and keep you moving. So, here at Saul’s Automotive, we partner with dealerships around the world so that we can keep things moving in real time to keep you on the road. Whether that means finding a repair part for a basic American motor vehicle that we have dealerships on both coasts so we can stay within each time zone, partner with direct manufacturers and get parts shipped to us overnight, or if it means for import vehicles from Germany, Mercedes, BMW, Audi vehicles, we have partners in Germany to direct ship those vehicles where a holiday may not be the same as an American holiday or a shipping time may be 10 hours ahead, and we can, therefore, get it a day quicker on an overnight air shipment. Thanks to companies like Amazon Prime, we now get deliveries on Sundays as well.   Aston Martin in LONDON directly supplies us with partsSo, if you have a vehicle in Denver Colorado that breaks down here on a Saturday afternoon, and the part is only available for it somewhere halfway around the world, if it’s coming from Japan, where it’s now morning time and here it’s evening, we’ll have them overnight it. We’ll see it on a Sunday delivery and have you back out on the road before any other dealership or any other repair facility in the city could even get their hands on the part.   So, if you’re at all concerned about getting your car back on the road quickly, as efficiently as possible, and with the factory parts, please give us a call here at Saul’s Automotive. We have partnered with 30 different dealerships around the world so that we can keep you moving right now.