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Holidays Mean Winter, New Tires, & Alignments For Many To Stay Safe On Slippery Roads

Winter roads tend to be wet, slick, slippery and icy in some spots. As winter approaches, it’s a good idea for automobile owners to bring their vehicles to us to have their wheels aligned and new tires installed. We are a tire shop with the tools, equipment, experience and trained, certified, technicians needed properly align the wheels on any year, make or model of foreign or domestic automobile. Plus, we can install the new tires you need to ensure your vehicle can drive safely driving on wet slippery winter roads. This will let you enjoy the holiday spirit and your neighborhood Christmas lights with less concern for the roads.

Why A Wheel Alignment Is Important In Winter

When the wheels on your vehicle is misaligned, it can cause it to veer either to the left or to the right when driving. The veering is especially pronounced when you brake suddenly. If your vehicle’s wheels aren’t properly aligned, it can compromise your ability to safely steer and control it, particularly on wet, slippery roads during the cold, wet, fall and winter months. It can also make it difficult to maneuver your vehicle quickly and accurately to avoid hitting people and things to prevent accidents.

Less Stress On Your Tires

When the wheels are properly aligned, vehicles travels more smoothly and their weight is evenly distributed on the tires and the suspension system. This means you have to make less steering corrections. That reduces uneven tire wear caused by the tires on misaligned wheels rubbing against the road and unnecessary stress on the tires and the parts of the vehicle’s suspension. As a result, tires and other components wear down faster and must be replaced more often.

A Safer Driving Experience

Properly aligned wheels create a safer driving experience, especially on the wet, slippery roads in winter. It also gives you more control of your vehicle as you navigate over, through and around water, snow and ice. When the wheels are properly aligned, your car can more effectively use it’s brakes in less time, a shorter distance and in a straight line. Plus, when the wheels are misaligned, the vehicle is out of sync and that can cause poor, unsafe performance.

More Cost-Efficient Operation

When your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned, it operates much more energy and cost efficiently. Vehicles with misaligned wheels work harder and consume more fuel for it to compensate for its subpar steering, handling and overall performance. This hurts its fuel economy. It also put more stress, strain, wear and tear on certain parts of the vehicle as it pulls to one side or the other. This results in more stops at the gas station and the auto repair shop and more money spent to keep it running.

Fewer Costly Repairs

Vehicles that don’t have proper wheel alignments tend to have mechanical problems more often. Not only will they need their tires replaced in a short period of time, parts of the suspension may need to be repaired or replace more often. Plus, the vehicle is more likely to be involved in accidents on wet, slippery, icy and snow covered roads in winter since it needs more time and distance to use their brakes to stop and can’t stop in a straight line. This means having to pay to repair vehicle body and property damage.

Save Money And Prevent Unnecessary Problems

Come to us to have your wheel alignment done so your vehicle will be better prepared to safely traverse wet, slippery, icy and snow covered roads in winter. This will save you money and prevent unnecessary problems. We have the tools, equipment and well-trained, licensed, experienced technicians to properly align the wheels on any type of vehicle. We have many years of experience doing wheel alignments on all years, makes and models of foreign and domestic automobiles. We have earned a reputation for doing excellent work, quickly and at very affordable prices.

Why Having New Tires Is Important In Winter

Commuting in your vehicle during winter can be dangerous if you don’t have new tires on your automobile. In winter, you will have to regularly drive on wet, slick, slippery roads with patches of ice and snow. That can make road safety difficult to maintain. If the treads on your tires are worn down, they won’t be able to grip the wet, slippery winter roads. We have the new tires your vehicle needs to help protect the health and safety of everyone in your vehicle and with whom you share the roads.

Improved Traction And Handling

New winter tires can improve your vehicles traction and handling on slick, wet and icy roads. We can new winter tires on any vehicle you drive when winter rolls around to make your commute safer. They can also give your vehicle the traction it takes to safely start, stop and swerve to avoid obstacles, people, and animals, in the roadway. New tires can make you better able to handle and control on perilous, dangerous and unpredictable winter road conditions.

Improved All-Wheel-Drive Performance

When driving in winter months, having an All-Wheel-Drive vehicle gives you more control when driving on wet, icy, snow-covered roadways and making turns at moderate speeds. However, in winter, old, nearly-bald, tires can negate the benefits AWD vehicles give because the tires don’t provide a sufficient amount of tread contact with the road to enable the quick, precise response the AWD system can deliver to maximize traction. We can provide you with the ideal brand, type and size new tires your AWD vehicle need to be ready and able to take on treacherous winter roads. Or drive around checking out the holiday displays and Christmas lights installed in your neighborhood.

Specifically Designed For Winter Roads

New winter tires are specifically designed to be used by vehicles driving on cold, wet roads covered with slush, snow and ice. They are made from a special, flexible rubber compound and have a tread design that enhances traction. They provide great traction when driving normally, accelerating and braking. The new tires make stopping distances much shorter and can significantly increase directional stability. They make driving in cold, snowy conditions safer.

Decreased Stopping Distance

One of the most important differences have us install new tires on a vehicle in winter is the big decrease in stopping distance new tires provide in conjunction with the brake system. Research shows new tires help vehicles to stop as much as 30 feet sooner on winter roads than old tires can. It’s a huge difference that’s equal to about three car lengths. When you are moving at the same speed as the rest of the traffic on the road during winter and you brake at a red light, new tires can prevent you from sliding past the light, into the intersection and in the path of on-coming vehicles. That alone makes buying new tires worth every penny.

A Great Deal On New Tires

At Autotek we are offering a fantastic deal on new tires that will help to increase road safety while saving you up to $200. When faced with wet, icy, snow covered roads, this seasonal tire deal can help your vehicle to get a grip on the road and not slip while you get some savings. No matter the year, make or model of your foreign or domestic car, truck or SUV or the size, type or brand tires you want, this deal can benefit you. You can save $50 off your tires, $50 off a wheel alignment, $50 off tire mounting and balancing and get $50 extra for referring a customer to us.

Sauls Autotek Winter Deal

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We are a full service auto care center and can help get your vehicle ready for winter and put up to $200 into your pocket. Just book an appointment, drop off your vehicle, pick it up and enjoy your new tires and the money you saved. Call us today.

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