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We Love Pro Comp Suspension And Build Custom Suspension in Greenwood Village Colorado

One of the components we were able to utilize in maintaining this pickup truck’s suspensions geometry was a Pro Comp suspension lower cradle drop.

This bracket, provided by Pro Comp out of Southern California, allows us to bolt a factory application that lowers our arms almost six inches from the factory location while still maintaining all of our mounts and integrating a front skid-plate with the vehicle. This allows that suspension to essentially just be pushed downward without changing the actual range of motion of the suspension. As a result, by utilizing this single component, we’re able to save six to eight hours of labor time, saving you money, and at the same time guarantee that the performance is going to be exactly as desired.

Now, nobody yet makes a kit for the upper section of this truck, so we still fabricate those here in-house, but as parts come to market and are available for your vehicle, we stay up to date on all of these constantly. We’re a SEMA executive member, and we spend our time out in Las Vegas at their shows to ensure that when these new products hit the market, we’re the first people in the country to be able to get them on your vehicle.

If you happen to buy a new vehicle and you want that little bit more suspension, but you still haven’t seen the right product out there, or you’ve talked to the guys at local four-by-four and off-road shops, and just aren’t happy with what kinda results and what kind of feedback you’re getting, come and see us. We may have new technologies that they simply haven’t seen yet.

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