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Volvo Diplomat Part II Cruisin World Auto Mechanic Denver

We’re going to take a quick look under the hood of this Volvo for a couple reasons. One, so we remember what it looks like.

I’m just kidding. We want to show you exactly the extent of the work that we get to put into this vehicle. In this case, the vehicle is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, a manual transmission sitting behind it, and our basic underhood accoutrements, power brake booster, master cylinder, this large cowl intake coming up from the cowl panel of the vehicle, along with our basic underhood radiator, cooling system, battery, alternator, basic functions.

The next time you see this vehicle, I will be standing in that engine bay. We have the opportunity to completely strip this vehicle of all running and driving components so that it can be sent to a frame rotisserie for a complete chassis restoration. When it is completed, we will then be reassembling the entire drive chain, painted to a mere finish, back into the vehicle. So, take a good look, because the next time you see this, there won’t be anything here.

One more thing. For all you gamers out there or for all you young folks that have no idea the value and history behind this car, when you were little Nintendo 64 came out with a came called Cruisin’ USA. They made three versions. Cruisin’ USA, Cruisin’ World and Cruisin’ Exotica.

If you played Cruisin’ World and you beat the game, you win every race and then you go again to beat your own times, to get them faster, just ‘cause you’re bored and that’s what we did in the ‘90s, you could win and be awarded faster vehicles that weren’t available in the game otherwise. That you weren’t supposed to know were available.

One of the first vehicles that you could win by doing such was called the Diplomat. This is that vehicle. The vehicle in the game was an early ‘70s Volvo P-1800 in the dark cream color. This is the vehicle that game was based off of.

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