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Repairing A Classic Volvo Diplomat Part I P 1800

Let’s Talk About Collectible & Vintage Vehicles

Now even though there are some makes and models that we don’t service here. When it comes to collector and collection vehicles we service anything older than 1970. In this case, we have a 1970 Volvo P1800 that has come to us for service. Now from the back end, we get a good perspective and this looks like a car that spent its life in Colorado. We see a AAA sticker, an old KBPI Too Hip sticker, the space environment lab, another AAA, the old pro-space stickers. This definitely looks like something that has been up in the mountains in Colorado for 20 years right? Wrong.

This Denver classic vintage vehicle was owned by a diplomat, the vehicle was built in Stockholm, and this was a UN transport vehicle that has literally been all over the world. We are going to take a look inside at the moment, of the dashboard of this vehicle that has some of the historical markers from the places that this vehicle truly served its purpose. This foreign vehicle has made it as far west as London, as far east as Shanghai on its tires. It only came to this side of the shore, of course, on a boat. Everywhere else in its life it drove under its own power. And to this day this vehicle still runs and drives on the original engine with no rebuild. Has over 2.8 million miles. Let’s take a look.

Some of the old school eccentricities of this vehicle included the dual rate antenna which was designed to actually perceive a better signal. This was the upgraded rabbit ears of the day. Now because this was a diplomat’s vehicle it was optioned with the safer thicker windows. Which in this case, meant one particular option? For stained glass. This was a vehicle that was able to come factory equipped with stained glass windows if that was a particular option so desired. As far as our angular details from the time. We have our smoker vent windows and our original cowl induction hood. This actually pulled air through here into the air intake of the engine to provide a cooler, denser, air charge and allow the front of the vehicle un-modest protection from the ailments.

As we step inside. When we take a look at the dashboard of this vehicle we can see quite a few things going on here. First and foremost, we almost have an airplane quality of switches here. Whether it be our wipers, our defrosters, our high beams, our low beams, our hazards, our warnings. This vehicle came equipped with more warnings lights and more gauges than anything else at the time. It was almost unheard of to have both an oil temperature gauge and a water temperature gauge. But Volvo truly sought to ensure the reliability of this vehicle. As we walk across this dashboard we will see these symbols moving across. Everything from Olympic flags to heritage seals all the way across the dashboard.

These are markers from different countries, places, and events where this vehicle served. This truly is a piece of history. As we walk up towards our old school rear view mirror here we have a few other odd gauges here that you wouldn’t typically see in your modern equivalent. First off we have an altimeter for altitude. We have our dispatch light to let oncoming traffic or tailgating traffic know in event of an emergency and last but not least we have our original CB radio. Still set to channel 9 emergency frequency. This vehicle was used by somebody for 40 years to travel the world and help solve problems. Now it is here simply to be restored and put back to its original splendor. If you have a classic car or vehicle that you desire to have repaired and you are concerned about the hands that are on it.

We can ensure that only the most skilled, meticulous, and time intensive hands get to spend it with your vehicle to ensure that no problems occur and that we can fix any problems you might have had happen in the past, possibly even re-engineer them, to prevent them from occurring with modern technology. At the same time if you just want to keep it on the road in its exact condition with the minimal technology required to keep it a numbers to numbers original we can provide that service as well. Whether it be a 45-year-old collector or a modern day vehicle. Here at Saul’s Autotek, our auto mechanics service them all. Please give us a call at 303-919-7769. We would be happy to help with yours.

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