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The History Of Spark Plugs NTK BOSCH Denver

Good morning. I’m Saul Reisman, here at Saul’s Automotive.

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about spark plugs, those teeny little guys inside your engine that keep it alive.

Now, spark plugs don’t really seem to have changed much in the past 100 years. We actually have a picture of every spark plug made in the past 100 years by Carl Bosch Engineering, here to show us that all the way back to 1903, the same original design is still being used today and that even though electrode tips and designs have improved, technology has changed, materials have differed, that pretty much we’re still operating off the same principles today.

The goal of the spark plug is to create a very, very small lightning bolt — a shock, a taser, so to speak, that you want to peak very quickly and come off just as quickly. So it’s a quick, fast burn to ignite the fuel inside the engine. Some of the brands we use, like NGK NTK, advertise that they have a “hot tip.” This means that the tip will ignite faster and quicker than their competition.

When we pull spark plugs out of engines, we can actually read a lot about the current plugs that are in them to help tell us about the health and condition inside your engine. Not only can we investigate very, very thoroughly from just that teeny little tip inside the engine itself on that $5 spark plug, but we’re able to offer changes, improvements and many different ways that you can get better performance out of your vehicle.

Being in Colorado at a higher elevation, many engines are at a higher risk of intake manifold fuel detonation. Additionally, many high-performance and racing Denver vehicles face detonation issues on a regular basis. Fueling is the largest part of this, and while some manufacturers recommend a higher, premium or plus brand of fuel, many racing manufacturers also recommend that.

Here at Saul’s Automotive, by using NGK NTK spark plugs along with Carl Bosch spark plugs, the two most world-renowned producers, we’re able to match the best spark plug to your vehicle, and if your vehicle isn’t the same as it was factory, we can measure the old plugs out of it and help accurately determine what new plugs should replace them to get you the best power, fuel economy, and long life out of your engine.

Remember something as basic as that $5 spark plug can truly make a difference in the way your engine performs. Don’t forget your basic tune-up aspects just because your car is brand new.

We would be happy to perform a free spark plug inspection check on your vehicle at any time. Please give us a call at Saul’s Automotive: 303-919-7769. Thank you.

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