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Thank you Denver and Greenwood Village Colorado for letting our Auto Repair Shop Grow

Good morning, this is Saul Reisman here, at Saul’s Automotive.

Today, we are going to gonna talk to you a little bit about how fantastic you’ve been at supporting our Denver and Greenwood Village Colorado Auto Repair Shop, and how we can return that favor, and support you.

Seven years ago, when I started this business, Casey and I were workin’ in a driveway, and two-car garage, and that was all we had. Every car came in and outta that garage, period. Over time, we got a shop that was about 1,800 square feet. We put two lifts in there, and you know the rest. Now, we’re here in a 3,500-square-foot facility with five lifts, and you’re keeping us so busy that we don’t have room.

So, here’s a little bit about what we’re gonna do. First and foremost, we went from having one office staff to two. We now have two dedicated units, and two dedicated people in this office, seven days a week, so we can keep in contact with you, answer those phone calls, and make sure we have got hands in the wrenches all the time. We’ve expanded our volume substantially, to the point where what used to be one row of cars coming in is ow six rows of cars coming in. We appreciate the business.

As a better way to help you understand what we can do to support, we’ve actually expanded our denver auto repair shop a little bit out here, as well.

When we moved in, we originally put in four lifts and an alignment machine. We’ve realized that we needed the space for more. We’ve removed our alignment machine, and we’ve partnered with another facility that has better equipment to align our vehicles with us. In addition, we’re actually knockin’ out walls, and we put in two additional lifts on the end, and one additional lift, here in the middle. We now have a total of seven of the fastest lifts made in the industry. These are the Rotary-10,000 Shockwaves. They run on battery backup. They can run for two weeks with no electricity. Power fails, nobody else can fix your car in a blizzard … Our tools run on batteries, too. We’ve still gotcha covered.

We needed so much space that we actually had to align our lifts within a quarter-inch of each other, clearance so that we could make sure we can fit cars on every side. We’ve got lifts lined to the edges of the building so that we can literally knock outdoors. We’re cutting a hole in this wall so that we can put in more room for more cars. On the other side of the building, because we still didn’t have enough room to get everything done, we decided we’re just gonna need to move outside, too.

Where you’ve seen us have cars parked out back before, what used to just be a room for a shed, and a few others, we’re now slowly filling with 20- and 40-foot cargo containers, so that we can keep more of our materials, more of our supplies on hand, so that we can keep you on the road. When we have a blizzard, and nobody else can get anything through, or out, we’ll have our plow, we’ll have our snow chains, we’ll have all of our fluids, our oils, everything ready to go. We’re stocking supplies to keep things running for months at a time.

You’ve kept us in business, you’ve kept us busy, you’ve kept us on our toes. We appreciate it, we’re gonna return the favor, and we’re gonna make sure we can handle anything you can throw at us. We appreciate the challenge, and thank you for the opportunity, always.

Give us a call here at Saul’s Automotive, at (303)919-7769. Feel free to stop in any time, and see the expansion. Talk to you soon.

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Picture of Saul Reisman

Saul Reisman

Saul Reisman has been helping the residents of the Centennial State with their automotive needs for over ten years now. He finished his Associate Degree in Physics at the Community College of Denver. Saul is an active member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association and a board member of the Young Executives Network. He undergoes constant educational training through GMC, MOPAR, Ford, Snap-On, Borg-Warner, and Ozark Automotive, with an emphasis on diagnosis, repair, and improvement.

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