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The Radiator on a vehicle is the main heat exchanger for the engine. It is the part of the cooling system that allows ambient “cool” air to flow over the engine coolant allowing it to dissipate heat. Without a properly functioning radiator, the engine in any vehicle would overheat within minutes of being started, increasing the need for radiator repair service. Therefore, a radiator is one of the most important components of a vehicle. Call us for radiator repair services in Denver today!

Failures to radiators include but are not limited to:

-Internal Clogging
-Obstruction of the exterior cooling fins.

Radiators used to be made out of copper. When this was the case there were many repair facilities that could repair them. Repairs ranged anywhere from taking the tank off and cleaning out the inside to soldering a hole closed. Unfortunately these days, radiators are constructed with plastic tanks and aluminum cooling fins. Most radiator failures occur when the 2 different materials begin to separate. Because of this, modern vehicles have to have their radiators replaced when they have problems, rather than have them repaired.

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