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Here’s Why Your Vehicle’s AC isn’t Working

There’s nothing more frustrating than driving a car during scorching summers, especially when its AC has suddenly stopped working. If you’re experiencing something similar, here are four reasons why your car’s AC has stopped working.

A Leaky Refrigerant

One of the most common reasons why vehicular air conditioning stops working is that its refrigerant starts leaking. One can’t simply tell when this can happen because ACs can stop working at any point of the cooling process. This often makes it challenging to determine where there’s a leak. However, these leaks primarily occur near the hose connections of the AC.

The best way to diagnose a leaking refrigerant is by looking for the accumulation of oily substances near hose connections. If you take your car to the mechanic, they’ll use a sealant to close this leak.

Blocked Condenser

If you know how an AC condenser works, you’ll know how it prevents the refrigerant from being overheated. It uses the car’s airflow to re-cool the refrigerant. However, a blocked condenser is one of the leading causes of a dysfunctional AC.

This happens when the debris and dust from the outside find their way into the condenser. As a result, it makes the AC release hot air.

Electrical Faults

Lastly, various electrical faults can cause the car’s AC to stop working. They’re the most challenging to diagnose. Therefore, it’s always a better idea to get it checked by a mechanic for a comprehensive inspection to identify broken or damaged wires.

Checking AC

Now that you know why your car’s AC might not be working, you can easily employ the best measures to get it back on as soon as possible. Sometimes the key to finding the perfect solution for this is by finding the right automotive repair services in Denver for your vehicle’s repairs and maintenance. You can now get started by checking out the car repair services offered by our experts at Saul’s Autotek.

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