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Couples Deal at Saul’s Autotek, Bring in a 2nd Car & Get 20% Off on Auto Service

The month of February has always been a month that many people have been looking forward to. That doesn’t come as a surprise because February is the month of love and Valentine’s day! During this month a lot of good things and great deals happen. People would search high and low for great opportunities and deals that they could make use of just to save their money. Surprisingly, the promos and deals available in the market are not limited to things that are directly related to Valentine’s Day, dating, and romance.

You can find a lot of discounts and promos on arious things including auto repair service! A discount or promo for auto service during Valentine’s month doesn’t come asa surprise. As we all know, February is the love month. And LOVE is not limited to your special someone, be it a man or a woman. You can find love in anything. It can be your pet cat or dog. It can be food or cuisine. It can be a special place for you. Of course, it can be that car you treasure so much. If you treasure your car, then it is natural that you would do everything to take good care of it. You would modify it, take good care of it, maintain it and send it for repairs when necessary.

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Since February is the month to celebrate everything that you love, we, at Saul’s Autotek, have found this as a great opportunity to help vehicle owners take good care of the vehicles that they love. This February 2021, Saul’s Autotek is offering a Couples Deal. You bring in a second vehicle and you get 20 percent off on your auto service. This 20 percent discount off on Autotek services will not only bring you huge savings but also a great deal on a world-class auto repair and maintenance service! Therefore, giving your beloved vehicles the quality service that they truly deserve.

Offering an outright discount of 20 percent on all auto repairs and auto service at the shop when you bring a second vehicle, Saul’s Autotek is helping vehicle owners finally get the auto service they have put off. As everyone knows, the previous year has been harsh to many people.

As such, it is not strange to see vehicle owners putting off the need to repair or maintain their vehicles due to the lack of finances. With the 20 percent discount, it’s easier to cater to the needs of your vehicles. Therefore, if you have been putting off your vehicle repairs due to your lack of finances, the Couples Deal at Saul’s Autotek would surely help you a lot.

By offering a special discount offer of 20 percent on all auto services, Saul’ Autotek aims not only to convince vehicle owners to bring their vehicles for auto service or repair service but also to help vehicle owners take good care of their important investment. Our vehicles are one of the most important and expensive investments we would make in our lives. And it would pain most of us if we see our investment lose its shine, quality, and performance due to the lack of maintenance or repairs. Much more, if we were unable to do so because we were lacking in the finance department.

However, having a huge discount of 20 percent when you bring in another car for repair or maintenance will alleviate your worries, especially since you can now get the much-needed service at a lower price. Another great thing about the Couples Deal at Saul’s Autotek is the fact that your vehicles will be handled by our ASE Certified auto mechanics. Saul Reisman, the Chief Executive Officer of Autotek, as well as his team of expert and certified mechanics are trained, experienced, skilled, and well-equipped to service or repair any type of vehicle. The Autotek team can handle all types, makes, and brands of vehicles.

Autotek repairs and maintains a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, hybrids, classics, off-road, luxury, exotic, domestic, and foreign vehicles. Therefore, no matter what car you bring into Saul’s Autotek, you’re guaranteed great service and results, plus great discounts with our Couples Deal. Vehicle owners who bring a second car to avail of the Couples Deal of 20 percent off on repairs and maintenance service can avail of this discount on any Autotek service. This 20 percent discount is available for wheel alignment, oil changes, tune-ups, spark plugs, air filter replacements, and emissions services.

It is also valid for serious vehicle repairs like brake repair, engine repair, exhaust repair, fuel system repair, electrical, transmission, and many others. The discount is also not limited to a single service on your visit only. You can obtain the discount even if the Autotek team is performing different services for each of your cars. It’s such a great deal right! What’s even better is that Saul’s Autotek also provides various services that would add value to vehicle owners. Autotek offers a free vehicle diagnostic and a full vehicle inspection.

It’s the perfect chance for you to make sure your vehicle is in its best running condition. Also. Autotek also offers pick up and/or drop off service, which is a great choice if you are too busy to bring your vehicles to the shop or too busy to pick them up. It’s the ideal choice for you if you find bringing in two cars to the Autotek shop a hassle. Best of all, Autotek has partnered with various auto dealerships around the world, which allows the shop and the vehicle owners access to various car parts and move the repairs forward.

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If you need an auto repair or auto service, bring your car to Saul’s Autotek. Our auto shop is located at 111836 E Peakview Ave., Centennial, CO 80111., USA. You can also contact us via phone at 303-919-7769 to schedule maintenance, repair, and pick-up, and/or drop off service. For more information about us visit our website at or visit our Facebook page at This love month give the love your vehicle deserves! Bring in a 2nd car and get 20% off on auto service with the Couples Deal at Saul’s Autotek.

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