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Hi, there. This is Saul Reisman, here at Saul’s Automotive, and the reason for this message today is we need your help. As automotive repair technicians, our job is to keep cars on the road, and as a consumer, you want your car back out on the road as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get you there in as little time as we can but to do that properly, we need the best technicians, we need the best hands, and we need to make sure that there is absolutely perfect quality control.

So, if you’re a technician and you’re looking to work for a repair shop that truly values their employees, that puts value on the clients that come in their door, and that maintains the focus of making sure the guest is always happy and that the car is always working right, this is the environment that you want to work in. Rather than working for a major dealership following corporate rules and laws and dealing with unions accordingly in a lot of those situations, Saul’s Automotive gives you pretty ample opportunities. All of our technicians get paid the exact same flat rate, no matter, what, so there’s no competition between technicians, and there’s camaraderie, good morale, and workmanship between them.

At the same time, every car that comes in gets a quality control inspection before it leaves to ensure that not only the technician is happy with the work that was performed, but that the owner’s concern was actually addressed. As a result of such an influx of need for automobile repair, we’ve had substantial issues with properly staffing our shop to keep you on the road. One of the biggest issues that we’ve had is making sure that we ourselves can be here for you every moment of the day. As for myself, as a business owner, I make sure I’m here every holiday, every Sunday, every Saturday, and every single one of those hours that nobody else wants to be so that I can guarantee we get you on the road. At the same time, our technicians have to sleep sometime, and as a result, we are in very, very serious demand for ASE Certified Master Technicians.

If you have your ASE certification and you’re looking for a place that’ll support you in the long term, Saul’s Automotive is a fantastic opportunity.

Not only do we provide a great work opportunity, opportunity to improve, excel, we pay for continuing education through Snap-On and with the original equipment manufacturers, in addition to supplying constant education through some of the aftermarket manufacturers so that you, as a technician, are always up to date. You get the most support you can, and you have the greatest resources available to you. We utilize Identifix, Mitchell, ALLDATA, all at the same time, so that you don’t have to fight over information. You can have every piece and part available to you. If there’s a tool that you need that you come and say I can’t do this job, we don’t have this tool, you better be showing us a picture of it and what the part number is, because it’s going to be overnighted and you’re going to have it tomorrow so that the job can be done perfectly every time, all the time.

We’re in the business of fixing the car right, fixing the car the first time, and keeping it on the road happy. As a technician, that should be the greatest goal for you, because you know that that means we’re going to supply the right parts, the right tools, and give you the jobs to do to get the cars back out safely. There are no shortcuts. There’s no cut corners. There’s nothing but perfection, and at-at that aspect is why we ask for only ASE Certified Master Technicians, and at the same time, we offer extremely competitive wages. We have technicians starting at $60,000 a year, making up to a hundred plus thousand dollars a year turning wrenches five days a week and getting their dedicated weekends.

If this is something that you’re interested in and you’ve got the commitment and the dedication to truly put your heart into those cars, please come and see us. We would love to have a long-term team member or several so that we can help keep these cars on the road. We can be reached seven days a week at 303-919-7769, or at the same time, please feel free to stop in in person and we’ll be happy to talk and figure out how we can best utilize the skills and how we can best allow you to excel and shine.

If you think you’ve got the opportunity and you want to come take a look, please give us a call. Thank you.

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