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Looking For Car Electrical Systems Repair In Denver?

If your vehicle is having issues with it’s power, radio, lights, or other features, you may have an electrical issue. If you’ve already checked your alternator or battery, then it’s possibly a wiring problem and we can help. Our mechanics are high quality ASE certified technicians that can diagnose and repair the electrical system in your vehicle. Reach out today and arrange a $49 Diagnostic.


If you need your battery replaced then call Autotek, our team of ASE mechanics is standing by to ensure that you get the right battery in your car or truck and stay on the road.


Your car or truck doesn’t go anywhere if it doesn’t start. The ignition is where it all starts and if you need your ignition replaced then call Autotek today.


Not many people like rain or snow in the car while they’re driving. If your window is having a problem then that’s what you’re experiencing. We can help. Call today.


People often think that their battery has gone bad and it turns out to be the alternator. It’s a natural course of the vehicle for the alternator to need replacement.


Once you turn your key and the ignition sends a signal to the starter, it’s all about whether the starter will work. If not, there’s Autotek.


Whether it’s your headlights, tail lights, or blinkers, we can fix the lights in your vehicle.


Your windshield wipers allow you to see while driving down the road in rainy weather. If you’re having trouble with your windshield wipers then Autotek is here to help.

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