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Best Brake Upgrade For Mountain Colorado Driving | Brake Repair | Denver CO

Best Mountain Driving Brake Upgrade Service in Denver Colorado

Hi, there. I’m Saul Reisman, here at Saul’s Autotek again. We are going to talk about your brakes and how you can best keep them in the best possible shape and at the same time keep your costs as low as possible. Many times Denver car and truck owners come in, and even though their vehicles are experiencing extenuating circumstances of service, like heavy Colorado mountain use for skiing and other ventures, or sees long road trips that take them up and over mountain passes. They may not opt to put a higher performance or upgraded brake on their vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with that. They simply want to keep it exactly as it was from the factory, no matter what. However, sometimes the factory brakes truly are not up to the task of stopping vehicles on the large mountains that play a large part of our life here in Colorado.

In the case of this 1996 GMC Savana 1500, this vehicle, while designed on a half-ton pickup van chassis, weighs almost 8,000 pounds. The factory brakes, when it’s coming down the mountain at 75 miles an hour, aren’t quite up to snuff. Now, the Denver owner came in, had us replace the front rotors and pads with the exact factory original materials. And then, about a year later, came back because he had warped the front rotors coming down the mountain. The factory brakes simply weren’t up to the task. From our end as an auto repair facility, we want to ensure the best warranty and guarantee possible, no matter what. So, while we maintain to our Denver guests that we would be more than happy to warranty out and replace them with the exact same materials again, we warned him that he may be back a year later in the same situation again. And that to better avoid that, we should, at this point, maybe move up a step.

He opted to upgrade to a one-step-up drilled and slotted rotor at that point, and a slightly more aggressive brake pad designed for heavy trucks and SUVs. Now the vehicle, literally, stops on a dime, can come down the mountain at 75 miles an hour with significantly more confidence. And from our end as a Denver automotive repair facility, the only cost we applied to our guest was the difference in the cost of the brake rotors themselves and the brake pads themselves. Because of the warranty that we provide, there was zero cost out of pocket for any of the labor involved. And he literally just paid a 50 to 60 dollar difference for what that upgrade would have cost had he done it originally. So, if you’re not sure if what the right choice is for your brakes, even after looking at all the options, even after all consideration. Maybe you got a different job that now takes you up to the mountains and you now need what you didn’t before.

Maybe you just moved here to Colorado and your vehicle simply wasn’t equipped with what was performed and installed at another local shop. We can perform the basic upgrades of ‘em, and do such at a discounted cost so that you are not spending money twice and throwing your hard-earned money away. If you wanna keep your brakes in the best shape possible, and still keep your wallet in the thickest shape possible, please feel free to stop by for a FREE brake repair inspection and diagnostic at any time.

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