Brake System

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Basic Description Most brake systems use a layout very similar to that seen here, comprising the pedal, a booster, master cylinder, hydraulic lines and hoses, and calipers or wheel cylinders that apply pressure to a pad coated in friction material so that it pushes against a rotating disc or drum.Clicking on any of the links […]

Suspension System Animation

Basic Description The suspension system is comprised mainly of a spring, a shock or strut, control arms, control arm bushings, a wheel bearing, and ball joints.   Technical Description The suspension connects the frame to the wheels of the vehicle. It also allows contributes to the handling of the vehicle and the comfort of the […]

Catalytic Converters Crime Spree

Why are they stolen? Catalytic converters are stolen frequently and at alarmingly increasing levels as a result of their accessibility and high cost in many vehicles. Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles and Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and Toyota Highlander Hybrid are targeted due to their high price point with some […]

Rear Disc with Integrated Drum Park Brake

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Basic Description The disc/drum combination is generally found on the rear axle of newer vehicles. It contains the normal components of a disc brake system, but also contains a drum brake within the brake rotor.   Technical Description Some vehicles have both a disc brake and a drum brake on each rear wheel. The disc […]