A Dodge Auto Repair Recall Story In Denver

In 1999, 1 year after producing nearly 250,000 pickup trucks with V8 engines, Dodge issued a recall on the intake manifold and associated bolts and gaskets as a result of corrosion. The recall entailed that the bolts and gaskets on the intake manifold must be replaced or cross cylinder contamination can and will occur. The […]

A Jeep Auto Repair Story In Denver

Sometimes we have to give a customer bad news. This is the story of a Jeep that came into our shop. Watch this story about how we turned a bad situation around for one of our customers. Sometimes you may have been taking your car to the same place for years and years and THINKING […]

The Subaru Head Gasket Story in Denver | Common Failures

Chances are if you own a Subaru in Denver, you’ve already caught wind of the cylinder head gasket failures that are plaguing many of the models on the road today. What started as a nasty rumor, has more recently become a groundswell that sounds more like an angry mob with pitchforks. Subarus are currently experiencing […]

The Toyota Auto Repair Recall Story In Denver

When Toyota issued a major recall several years ago the original complaint from owners was a vehicle that would accelerate uncontrollably under it’s own power. Toyota stipulated that the recall would only be justified if a certain cost threshold was reached in lawsuits. Once that threshold had been met with wrongful death suits, Toyota issued […]