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1999 Land Rover Discovery Get Yours Repaired in Denver with us.

Hi there. I’m Saul Reisman here at Saul’s Autotek and today I’m in front of this 1999 Land Rover Discovery.

The Land Rover Discovery is a very unique vehicle. When these came out, they were considered to be luxury or exotic vehicles. They were very expensive. But now, 20 years down the road, these can be obtained for just a few thousand dollars and are an incredibly reliable off-road vehicle. They’re very capable and they were built for literally going all over the world.

Land Rover’s Defender history shows them in Africa, India, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, over the past six decades. These are world-famous. However, repairs for them are not world-famous. The cost to repair them can often make it almost feel as if you’re famous and the repair facilities taking care of them sometimes don’t have the actual technicians from Rover to do repair your Denver Land Rover right. We do. Call us 303.919.7769.

Here at Saul’s Autotek, not only do we employ Land Rover technicians, but we like to take it a step further from our diagnostic procedure and make sure that we don’t miss a beat. So, every Land Rover vehicle that comes into our repair facility, sees a very specific chain of events, in terms of its inspection. Every Land Rover vehicle is going to be inspected tip to tail to make sure that the quality checks that will keep it alive for decades are performed early on in its life.

In the case of this 1999 Rover, this guy is 20 years old and came in for an oil leak.

The owner had been to a couple of other shops. They’d recommended some valve cover gaskets, an oil pan gasket and he’d done those repairs, but the vehicle was still leaking oil. The owner brought the vehicle to us in Denver and we were able to inject dye into the oil, run the engine, clean the outside of the engine and then observe it with a black light and a UV spectrometer in order to determine where the point of failure was.

In this case, we’ve removed the timing chain cover from the vehicle because the actual timing chain cover that sits over this chain apparatus was causing the leak in the vehicle.

The aluminum was so porous that oil was starting to come through the surface of it. Now, we want to take care of our owners, so we noticed that while we’ve got this thing, that this chain is pretty loose. Now on one side, it should be tight because there’s always tension, and the other side should have a little slack. Well, in this case, we’ve got substantial slack on both sides. So, we want to keep this vehicle alive for decades to come just like the owner has for the past two decades. We’re going to opt to replace that timing chain while we’re taking care of these leaks so that we know the engine stays perfectly in time, is going to run perfectly healthy and is going to keep those valves opening and closing at the right spot for another two decades.

If you’ve got concerns about your Land Rover, you’ve got an older one, you want to take off-roading and you want it fixed back up or you’ve got a modern one and you just want to keep it in good standing and good condition and keep that resale value high, come and see us here at Saul’s Autotek. We have ASE certified master techs. We have Land Rover factory trained techs and we can keep your Rover on the road.

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